Neon Cruiser (Photoshoot)
Model: Pobby G
Photowalk December (Photoshoot)
Photowalk with fellow photographers Leo Riqueta and Fábio Saito.
Palm Beach (Photoshoot)
Model: Jeff de Deus
Toy Store (Photoshoot)
Model: Ivy Vuong
Britt Ridley (Photoshoot)
Promo photos for the band Britt Ridley
The Act of God (Making of Photoshoot)
Making of the short film "The Act of God", shot at TAFE Randwick. Photos by me and Daniel Sigaki.
Premiere at Ritz (Photoshoot)
Model: Sophie Kazda
Jet City (Live Music Photoshoot)
Jet City Sport Club live at Mosh Pit, Sydney.
Britt Ridley (Live Music Photoshoot)
Britt Ridley live at Mosh Pit, Sydney.
House Party (BTS Photoshoot)
Model: Tyrone
Playzone (Photoshoot)
Model: Sophie Kazda
Share a Coke (Photoshoot)
Model: Alexa Bielikova
Heart Eyes (Photoshoot)
Model: Alexa Bielikova
Paradise Gardens (Photoshoot)
Model: Moema Andrade
Chinatown (Photoshoot)
Model: Daniel Sigaki
Follow the Light Trail (Photoshoot)
Model: Leonardo Riqueta
Mardi Gras 2020 (Event)
Calm Street (Photoshoot)
Model: Larissa Coutinho
Celebration (Photoshoot)
Model: Larissa Coutinho
Cold Afternoon (Photoshoot)
Model: Larissa Coutinho
Plaid (Photoshoot)
Model: Larissa Coutinho
In the Morning (Photoshoot)
Model: Larissa Coutinho
In the Light (Photoshoot)
Model: Yasmim Lauck
Woollongabbas (Photoshoot)
Photoshoot for the brazilian band Wolloongabbas.
Neon Nights (Photoshoot)
Ownlights (Photoshoot)
Series of self-portraits.
Mercearia Serve Sul (Photoshoot)
Some pictures shoot while doing another job, in an tradicional bar in Goiânia.
Goiânia Rednecks Merch (Photoshoot)
Some photoshoots for the brazilian football team Goiânia Rednecks.
In the fridge (Photoshoot)
Model: Yasmim Lauck
Jardim Secreto (Photoshoot)
Photos of a brazilian therapy room.
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