Video Reel (2019)
Video Reel of some creative content in writing, directing and producing between 2015 and 2019.
CIRCLES (Short Film)
A short movie about being away from home during Covid-19 Pandemic produced for Isolation Film Festival at Sydney, Australia.
The Act of God (Making of Photoshoot)
Making of the short film "The Act of God", shot at TAFE Randwick. Photos by me and Daniel Sigaki.
Premiere at Ritz (Photoshoot)
Model: Sophie Kazda
Share a Coke (Photoshoot)
Model: Alexa Bielikova
Keentown - Preparation (Video)
Meet the Keentown Project, where a couple teach how to cook and promote private dinners for their clients.
Heart Eyes (Photoshoot)
Model: Alexa Bielikova
Chinatown (Photoshoot)
Model: Daniel Sigaki
Follow the Light Trail (Photoshoot)
Model: Leonardo Riqueta
In the Morning (Photoshoot)
Model: Larissa Coutinho
2Cool Sessions (Webseries)
Live performances by independent artist from Brazil.
Não ache que é por mal (Music video)
A video I created, produced and directed in partnership with Plural Imagem e Som for the brazilian artist Chell.
Visita ao Jerivá (Webdoc)
Jerivá is a traditional restaurant on the road to Brasília, on this video we talk to its owners and show some of the secrets of their industry.
Rei da Opinião (Webseries)
"Rei da Opinião (Opinion's King)" was a 20-episode game show webseries that invite friends to argue over two subjects, to discuss which is better. The results were decided by our host PH Mota and by the audience's response live in the studio.
Arrobas (Webseries)
A group of young people share their opinions on controversial or banal topics in a fun and dynamic video.
In the Light (Photoshoot)
Model: Yasmim Lauck
Turning Your Beauty Into a Sickness (Music video)
Music video produced in partnership with Kam Filmes for the band Overfuzz.
Surpresas de Amor (Webseries)
A series of short comedy sketches to celebrate brazilian's Valentine's Day for a local tech store.
Especialistas (Webseries)
A host shows the lattest news about info, tech and games in this webseries for a brazilian Tech Store.
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